Hipp stage 1 Combiotic – UK version Formula suitable from birth

HiPP UK Stage 1 Combiotic First Infant Milk Formula is one of our preferred formula, and it’s one that we regularly prescribe to guardians who are buying child recipe just because. It’s likewise one of our best-deal items and it’s appropriate for babies somewhere in the range of 0 and a half year, either all alone or as an enhancement to baby milk. This is a delicate, healthfully complete formula with a base of natural skim milk, just as natural whey, organic lactose, and a mix of natural vegetable oils, giving the majority of the supplements your infant needs to develop and grow.

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Hipp organic

Age: Suitable from birth onwards
Package Size: 800g
Country of origin: UK version

HiPP UK Stage 1 contains fundamental nutrients and minerals, for example, Vitamins A, C, D, calcium, and iron, just as prebiotics that add to a sound stomach related tract and reproduce the insusceptibility boosting properties of bosom milk. This formula likewise includes the omega-3 and omega-6 long chain polyunsaturated unsaturated fats (LCPs) DHA and AA, which are thought to add to baby mind, eye, and nervous system advancement.

HiPP UK Stage 1 is free from GMO , gluten, starch, refined sugars, corn syrup, soy, and manufactured supplements and additives. Made in Germany and bundled in the UK, this baby formula is affirmed natural to European Union benchmarks, which are stricter than similar guidelines in the United States!

We ensure that you’ll get a new, perfect bundle of HiPP UK Stage 1 newborn child recipe with at any rate a half year to go before the lapse date. Each container of HiPP UK Stage 1 contains 800 grams (28.2 oz) of recipe powder, which should make around 180 fl oz of arranged formula.



Hipp organic

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