Holle stage 2 Bio – suitable from the 6th months of birth

  • Highest European Organic standards (small local farms production)
  • Unmatched quality of ingredients compared to other leading brands
  • Free from: added sugar color gluten wheat preservatives
  • Contains NO: Brown rice syrup/DHA ARA/harmful GMO or fluoride!
  • Imported from Europe Oldest organic baby formula company

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Holle Bio

Attributes: Suitable if changing from breastfeeding or in the wake of the Infant Formula 1. It is suitable for feeding in a bottle but also ideal for the preparation of the Holle grain porridge range. Easy to digest, gluten free, no added sugar.

Preparation: the preparation of the formula is simple and quick. The milk powder has to be mixed and shaken with boiled water.

Step 1:

For efficient cleaning, you have to boil the bottle, the ring and the nipple before use 3-5 minutes.

Step 2:

Boil the water and cool it down to about 50 ° C. Fill half of the water into the vial (for portioning see table below).

Step 3:

Measure amount of powder according to the table and pour it into the vial. Fill the measuring spoon loose and straighten it with the back of a knife.

Step 4:

Shake the mixture of the powder and half the amount of water vigorously. Add remaining water and shake well again. Cool down to drinking temperature (37 ° C)

Meals per day Drinkable nutriment (ml) Number of Measuring spoons* Water amount (ml)











*1 straight measuring spoon = 4,7g


Production: Holle stage 2 Bio Formula is made from high quality produced ingredients, for example good quality milk from cows which have been kept in their natural environment.

Important Information: Breastfeeding is ideal for your baby. We recommend that you inform yourself about the priorities of breastfeeding by talking to a specialist. (doctor, dietician, pharmacist, early childhood centre)

Ingredients: skim milk, whey powder (partly demineralised), vegetable oils, maltodextrin, skim milk powder, starch, vitamins and minerals



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Holle Bio

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