Holle Organic Semolina Porridge: Nourishing Your Baby’s Journey


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Introducing solid foods to your baby is a significant milestone that marks the beginning of their culinary journey. As a caring parent, you want to provide the best start in life for your little one, and that’s where Holle Organic Semolina Porridge comes into play. This nutritious and delectable option is tailor-made to meet your baby’s growing needs, offering a delicious way to introduce them to the world of flavors and textures.

A Wholesome Foundation

Holle, a brand renowned for its commitment to organic and biodynamic farming practices, has crafted the Organic Semolina Porridge with utmost care. This porridge serves as an ideal foundation for your baby’s transition to solid foods. Made from finely ground organic wheat, this cereal is packed with essential nutrients necessary for your baby’s growth and development.

Organic Goodness in Every Spoonful

What sets Holle Organic Semolina Porridge apart is its unwavering dedication to using organic ingredients. In a world where food quality and safety are paramount, this porridge stands out by being free from synthetic pesticides, chemicals, and genetically modified organisms. This means that each spoonful of the semolina porridge offers pure and unadulterated nourishment, giving you peace of mind about what you’re feeding your little one.

Smooth Texture, Great Taste

One of the joys of introducing your baby to solid foods is witnessing their reactions to new tastes and textures. Holle understands this, which is why the Organic Semolina Porridge is finely milled to ensure a smooth texture that’s gentle on your baby’s developing palate. The creamy consistency not only aids in easy digestion but also provides a delightful culinary experience for your little gourmet.

Vital Nutrients for Growth

Babies require a balanced intake of nutrients to support their rapid growth and development. Holle Organic Semolina Porridge is a nutritional powerhouse, offering vital nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and dietary fiber. These components provide a sustained release of energy, aid in muscle and bone development, and promote healthy digestion – all crucial factors in your baby’s early years.

Preparing the Perfect Bowl

Crafting a bowl of Holle Organic Semolina Porridge is both simple and convenient, making mealtime a stress-free experience for both you and your baby. Just mix the porridge with water or your baby’s preferred milk, and gently heat it to achieve the desired consistency. You can even add a touch of fruit puree for an extra burst of flavor and essential vitamins.

A Journey of Flavor Exploration

Introducing your baby to a variety of flavors at an early age can set the stage for a diverse and adventurous palate in the future. Holle Organic Semolina Porridge serves as an excellent canvas for this flavor exploration. As your baby gets accustomed to the taste and texture of the semolina porridge, you can gradually introduce other complementary ingredients, creating a world of culinary discovery for their curious taste buds.

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99% organic ingredients, including organic skimmed milk, organic lactose, and organic vegetable oils (palm oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil). The formula is also enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, vitamin D, and iron. It does not contain any artificial flavors, preservatives, or synthetic nutrients.

Feed instructions table Holle PRE

Holle PRE formula is a high-quality infant formula that is suitable for newborns and provides complete nutrition to support healthy growth and development.

Feed Instructions:

  1. Before preparing the formula, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and sterilize all feeding equipment.
  2. Boil fresh water and allow it to cool to about 50°C (122°F).
  3. Measure the required amount of water into a sterilized bottle.
  4. Add the appropriate amount of formula powder to the water using the provided scoop. One level scoop of powder (4.6g) should be added per 30ml of water.
  5. Close the bottle and shake well until the powder is completely dissolved.
  6. Check the temperature of the formula before feeding to ensure it is not too hot. It should be at body temperature, around 37°C (98.6°F).
  7. Feed your baby immediately and discard any unused formula after 1 hour.

Feed Table: The following table provides an approximate guide to the amount of Holle PRE formula your baby may need based on their weight and age:

Age Weight Number of feeds per day Amount of water (ml) Number of scoops
0-2 weeks Up to 3.5 kg 7-8 60-70 2
2-4 weeks Up to 4.5 kg 6-7 90-100 3
4-8 weeks Up to 5.5 kg 5-6 120-135 4
2-3 months Up to 6.5 kg 5-6 150-165 5
3-4 months Up to 7.5 kg 5-6 180-200 6
4-5 months Up to 8.5 kg 4-5 210-235 7
5-6 months Up to 9.5 kg 4 210-235 7
6-7 months Up to 10 kg 4 210-235 7
7-12 months Over 10 kg 3 210-235 7

Note: These are only approximate guidelines and your baby’s individual needs may vary. Always consult with your pediatrician for personalized feeding recommendations.


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