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Silent reflux – Infant Milk Allergy

I seriously would have made an appointment every other day if the doctors office wouldn’t have thought I was psycho mom already! Instead I was there every week or every other week. I kept bringing her in with something new, thinking, this time they will have an answer. But the answer was always the same. “She just has a cold. They can last a while in infants.” “She has colic. It’s not fun, but you’ll just have to wait it out.”

I had read a little bit about infant milk allergies, but not too much. I still didn’t know much about it at this point. But some of the symptoms did seem to line up with what my baby had. I brought it up to the doctor but he didn’t seem to convinced. He said that he would have to find blood in the stool to have a diagnosis. I felt like I had to push him to do it. He put a qtip up her bum and when he took it out it didn’t look like there was anything on it. So I asked him. ” it doesn’t seem like there is anything on there?” “There is,” he said “you just can’t always see it.” I wasn’t convinced, but I wasn’t about to argue with him. I was already to emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. And living on no sleep and no caffeine. So of course, he didn’t find any traces of blood. In hindsight, I should have pushed him and asked him to redo it. But hindsight is always 20/20.

A few million more squats and bounces on the exercise ball with my not any happier baby, and I had it! I had read a few moms stories about how they figured out their baby had silent reflux. I made another appointment (going into the double digits of appointment here) and this time I wasn’t leaving until they agreed. I KNEW she had this, so I had written it all down on a list so I wouldn’t forget. It was quite the list! With the stories I had read I realized my baby bobbed off and on when breastfeeding. She would squeal like she was in pain when she was breastfeeding. She didn’t burp or spit up much, but once in a while would get fussy and uncomfortable, which I realized must be the acidity coming up then going back down. And worst of all, she wouldn’t lay down. When we would try, she would writhe around in such discomfort. If she eventually fell asleep, it wasn’t for long.

This time I switched doctors to one my friend had said was good with reflux babies because she had had one herself. I brought in my long list and presented my case. Not going to lie, it was hard for me to not get heated and defensive right away while I was telling her my reasons. I was so used to my other doctor coming in and shooting me down right away, giving me the easy excuse of colic. He had made me feel small. Like I was just this young mom who didn’t know anything. I always left more angry and heated when I left then when I had come in. But this time, my new doctor said “yes, I believe you are right!” What?! I did know I was right, but I had thought I was going to have to convince her too. I wanted to kiss her I was so happy.

She had my baby start on Zantac immediately. I was seriously so relieved. I believed we would be on the uphill soon. A week later, and things had definitely improved, but she was still uncomfortable, seemed like she was in pain, and didn’t sleep well. And I was still putting in hours on the exercise ball and wearing out my tennis shoes and the carpet.

I was devastated. My baby was still in pain. A couple weeks later and the Zantac seemed to not be working again. So they upped the dose, and again, it seemed to make a little difference, but not much and not for long. I knew something was still bothering her. Back to google. I searched and searched the internet and found so many stories that made me feel like I wasn’t the only one going through this miserable thing. I learned so much from these stories too the best option for these issue is the HiPP Comfort, one of the best option for babies that suffer colic, in order to prevent and not to cure.

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