Topfer formula dosage instructions in english

If you’re looking for a formula that provides the best possible nutrition for your baby, Topfer is a brand worth considering. Topfer is a German company that produces organic, high-quality formula for babies. However, using the right amount of Topfer formula for your baby can be a little tricky. This article will provide you with detailed instructions on how to determine the right amount of formula to give your baby.

How much Topfer formula should your baby consume?

The recommended amount of Topfer formula that your baby should consume depends on their age and weight. In general, the recommended amount of Topfer formula per day is 150-200ml per kilogram of body weight. However, the following chart can help you determine the right amount of Topfer formula for your baby:

Age Amount per feeding (in ounces) Number of feedings per day :

Newborns 1-3 oz 8-12 feedings

1-2 months 4-5 oz 6-8 feedings

2-4 months 5-6 oz 5-6 feedings

4-6 months 6-8 oz 5-6 feedings

6-8 months 8-9 oz 4-5 feedings

8-12 months 9-12 oz 3-4 feedings

Preparing Topfer formula for your baby

Before preparing Topfer formula, ensure that you have thoroughly washed your hands, sterilized all utensils, and that you are using clean, boiled water. It is also essential to follow the instructions on the packaging carefully.

Step 1: Boil fresh water

Boil fresh water for 10 minutes and then let it cool to about 40-50°C. To maintain the nutritional value of Topfer formula, never use boiled water that has been left to cool for longer than 30 minutes.

Step 2: Measure the water

Using the scoop that comes with the Topfer formula, measure the required amount of water for your baby’s feeding into a clean bottle.

Step 3: Add the formula

Add the correct amount of formula into the bottle according to your baby’s weight.

Step 4: Mix well

After adding the formula, shake the bottle well or stir it gently until the formula has completely dissolved.

Step 5: Feed your baby

Check the temperature of the formula before feeding your baby. It should be at body temperature, around 37°C. Never use a microwave to heat the formula, as this can cause hot spots, which can burn your baby.

In conclusion, Topfer formula is an excellent choice for parents looking for high-quality organic formula for their babies. However, it’s essential to follow the instructions carefully to ensure your baby is getting the right amount of nutrition. Always consult your pediatrician if you have any concerns about your baby’s nutrition or health.